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HelenCase study: Helen Morley

David says

Helen came to me in May 2017 essentially because she thought she had lost a bit of direction with her Ironman training program. Having completed 3 half Ironman distance events she had decided it was time to step up & take on a full Ironman! Like most Triathletes Helen believed that the time & her fitness was right and that it was a natural progression, basically all the stars were aligned and it was now or never so Helen entered the inaugural Ironman Italy on August 23rd 2017.

Helen’s strengths have always been the bike & swim but by her own admission her running was weaker than she wanted due to a recurring foot injury so we started a program to make better use of her time and focus on quality of her training sessions, we also came up with a strategy for her running that would enable her to complete the marathon in the best possible time considering the ongoing foot issue. Like most non-professional athletes Helen sometimes struggled to fit everything in and there were the inevitable training breaks and other priorities that everyone has in life that affected her training but with some careful planning and some incredible dedication & sacrifice from Helen she made it to the start line in the shape of her life.

I’m pleased to say she had a great race and completed the Ironman in a far better time than I think she imagined she could. There were lots of ups & downs throughout the process but Helen never gave up and did everything I asked of her, she has been a delight to coach!

Helen is now an Ironman and is already planning big things for the 2018 season!

Helen says

"Add to Basket" And "Pay Now" The easiest part of an Ironman!

So firstly let me say that I am not an athlete. My first triathlon consisted of a terrifying 400m (clean, calm lake) swim, 21km (flat and closed road) bike and a flat as a pancake 5km run! 3 years on and I have completed my first full distance Ironman and I know I couldn’t have done it without Dave (and I would like to give my husband a little credit here too for being so supportive).

When I took part in that first triathlon never ever did I think I would or could ever complete an Ironman.I would consider myself a very average runner in particular, but It turns out I am not a bad swimmer and I enjoy cycling, so two out of three isn’t a bad start.

I have known Dave for a number of years and know what a dedicated person he is to his own training so there was no doubt in my mind that he was the person I wanted to be able to help me.

Unfortunately, almost from the start we were having to contend with a foot injury which I still have now, along with a couple of other injuries that put dents in the training along the way but I don’t quit and Dave was there to help me formulate the best plan to get me round the run and make me as strong as possible on the bike, whilst building confidence on the swim.

I made it to the start line, in spite of some final dramas and finished in a more than acceptable time (although those 2 minutes and 22 seconds into the next hour will always irritate me!). it was a long day and there were some challenging times but for the most part I can honestly say I enjoyed it which I put down to hard work, perseverance and without doubt having a great coach in my corner at all times.

So thank you Dave for everything but lets hope 2018 runs a little smoother.

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