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Case study: 26/04/18                                                       

 Jim Morrison

David says


Jim first contacted me back in May 2017 and wanted some help with his rehabilitation after fracturing his hip in January.

He was hoping to get back to the level of cycling fitness that he had before the fracture and if all went well to try and have another crack at the Trafalgar way Colossus Ride (300 miles & 21,000 feet of climbing in 24 hours!) which he had attempted in 2016 but like most others didn’t finish due to some pretty awful weather conditions on the day.

I reviewed Jims past data and it became quite clear he was a very accomplished cyclist pre the fracture so it would take a monumental effort & huge dedication on his part to get back to the level he was and then beyond that to get fit enough for the Trafalgar ride. Add into all this the fact Jim works some very long and unsociable shift work hours and I knew it would be tough.

Fast forward 10 months and Jim is a different cyclist, he is fitter than he was before the fracture, has his core endurance back and has a much better top end ability which he can call on in the Trafalgar way when he attempts in July! It has been a long road but Jim has been incredibly determined, worked extremely hard and has done everything I have asked.

Jim is a great example of how with huge dedication & determination on his part this sort of training is flexible enough to balance even the most complex shift patterns, family life and fitness.

Coach Dave


Jim says


In the past I’d trained myself for the various sportives and triathlons that I’d taken part in by following numerous ready made training plans, sticking to some, mixing them with bits of others and thinking I was doing things correctly.

When I entered the Trafalgar Way Solo Colossus in 2016 I took the same approach by thinking that by just riding big miles I’d be ready for the 500km 24 hour event. Looking back and now understanding what all the training data means I was far from being ready! 

In January 2017 I fractured my hip whilst on a training ride and so all thoughts of riding the Trafalgar Way again went straight out of the window. Four months later I was starting to turn pedals very slowly and my thoughts were also turning toward finally nailing that epic ride to London.

Dave certainly had his work cut out. As well as rehabilitation from my hip fracture, I wanted to be fitter and faster than I was pre fracture but also had to fit the training in around an irregular shift pattern and the usual day to day commitments of life at home.

With Dave's guidance I am now at a fitness and endurance level I thought was unattainable a year ago. He always finds a way to keep me positive even after the hardest, wettest or coldest of rides with good quality feedback. 

If you’re thinking of becoming a coached athlete but you’re not sure where to start, I’d highly recommend getting in touch with Dave.

Jim Morrison



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